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Mural Mania

Mural Mania Page

“Mural Mania began with Noel Dobbins and Mark De Cracker and others in Lyons around 2007.

Noel was especially interested in a series of murals along the Erie Canal corridor. Noel passed away

later that year, but Mark has carried the torch since then with great enthusiasm. In the spring of

2013 after discovering murals in Colquitt, GA and Dothan, AL, Walworth Town Historian Gene Bavis

joined Mark in Mural Mania.”

Quoted from Muralmania.org


“These visitors have said this is a most wonderful way to record history, and that Lyons is so lucky to have such beautiful artwork.”

Quoted from lyonsmuralmania.blogspot.com

Lyons Farmers Market

Lyons Farmers Market Page

Lyons Farmers Market is the longest running Farmers Market in Wayne County celebrating 45 years!


Lyons Trail of Hope

Lyons Trail of Hope

“It’s more than a garden, it’s a healing experience”

9 Manhattan Street, Lyons NY 14489



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