Mural Mania

LyonsNY presents Mural Mania

Lyons, NY i where Mural Mania Started.  Mural Mania has grown to engulf several surrounding towns.  Mural Mania was founded in 2007 and their mission is “an effort to create beautiful public art that highlights our local history. There are so many stories to tell.”

GOOGLE MAP- Please click on the ‘google map’ to go to the map of where all of the murals are located if you want to take a day trip to explore all of these yourself!



Street of Dreams

Street of Dreams Mural located at 1 Montezuma Street across the street from the Firefighters Mural.






Generations located at 52 William Street at Dobbins Drug store.





Generations of Smiles




Generations of Smiles is located around 53 William Street, in the alleyway.




Believe You Can Achieve

Believe you can Achieve located at 28 Canal Street









Firefighters located across the street from ‘Street of Dreams’ at the corner of William Street & Montezuma Street




Step Back in Time


Step back in Time is located corner of Rt 14 and Montezuma Street





Hotchkiss Peppermint


Hotchkiss is located at the Hotchkiss Building which is on the corner of Leach Road and Water Street


Winston’s Dream

Winston’s Dream is located at Winston Dobbins Park, behind the Hotchkiss Museum and near Erie Canal Lock 27


Canal Town



Canal Town is located on the side of Santelli’s Lumber which is on 16 Forge Street


They Call me Sal



Empire Trail which is located on the bike path along the Erie Canal located near 1 Rt 31




Random Window


This one has been titled as Random Window, because it is just that!  It is not part of Mural Mania, however it is an amazing mural that is found in Lyons, NY.  Can you find this in DOWNTOWN Lyons?





No Name?



Plus this one?  Everything I searched on the internet does not have this listed… but it is a beautiful mural to add to Lyons history.  Any stories you’d be willing to share with us about this one? Please e-mail us or just stop in 70 William Street, and share with us your story!



Lyons Mural Mania Blog

Mural Mania .org



Lyons Central Park


Please feel free to share any photos you may have of the Mural Mania in Lyons.

To get involved, please contact:    

                      Mark De Cracker                                             OR                             Gene Bavis


                     315-­573-­8170                                                                                      315-­573-­2768

Lastly be sure to check out all the surrounding towns that are part of Mural Mania too!  Thank you to everyone who has or is still involved in Mural Mania!