Military Tribute Banners

Lyons, Military Tribute Banners…

In honor of our hometown heroes…

Currently, Lyons is honoring 94 military veterans…

Banners are hung on Water Street from Abbey Park to Route 14, Routh 31, Route 14 from the POW Bridge to Jackson Street, Canal Street, William Street, around the town park, on Broad Street, and more locations to come…

Alphabetized by last name-

A  – Alexander Duncan Adams, Roger Allen, Anthony Alvaro

B – Donald Bailey, Floyd Bailey, Merle Bailey, Otis Bailey, David Barnes, Charles Bartishevich, Les Bartley, Tony Bennett, Mark Blanch, James Bryant, Kenneth Bullock

C – Anthony Calabrese, Joseph Calabrese, Dale Caldwell, Francis Cermak, Raymond Cole, Nancy Collins, Philip Comella, Charles Cooney, Stephan Corcoran

D – Rudy Darcangelis, Thomas Darcangelis, Barbara D’amato, Louis DeCola

E – Drew Eberhardt, Harold Eckert,  Edward Emmel, John Emmel

F – Joseph Ferndino, Nicholas (Buck) Forgione,  Robert Fremouw, John Frind, Walter (Wally) Froehlic,

G – George Gehring, Joseph Greco

H – Judy Harford, Dennis Herd, Dewey Herman, Walter Herman, Robert Horton, Sam Husmer

I –

J – John James, Michael James

K – Issac Kemp, Richard Kleisle

L – Richard Lake, Gene Lasher, Lloyd Lauster, John Lese, James Lucia

M – Brian Manktelow, David Manktelow, Edward Mathews, Edward Mathews, Anthony Mercurio, Delbert Miller, Edward Mitchell

N – Lyle Noody

O – Ryan Oakes, Myron Ohmann, Robert Ohmann

P – Salvatore (Sam) Palliotti, John Perry, Lawrence Perry

Q –

R – Cory Reynolds, Rod and Gun Club

S – Albert Schetrompf, Elmer Schetrompf, Orben Schetrompf, Marshall (Dale) Schetrompf, Robert Sherwood, Alfred Simmons, Roger Simmons, Spencer Simpson, David Smith, Clifford Steitler, Bruce Stephan, Charles Stone, Albert Stirpe, Dominick Stirpe, Michael Stirpe, Nick Stirpe, Peter Stirpe, Tony/Connie Stirpe

T – Melissa Taylor, Ernest Trombino

U –

V – Mark VanHanahan, VFW

W – Paul Wedman, Cliffor Wunder, Otto Wunder

X –

Y –

Z –

 Organized by Linda Guest, Lyons Town Historian and Manager of LMSP