Military Tribute Banners

Military Tribute Banners


About the Program

 We are excited to launch our Military Tribute Banner Program.  Beginning now through Tuesday, March 15, 2021, you can order a banner to be displayed in downtown Lyons, NY, from May 2021 through November 2021, and again in May 2022 through November 2022.  Banners will be hung on the lampposts in the business district and in neighboring areas on NYSEG utility poles (upon approval from NYSEG).  The banners will be a tribute to our “Lyons Hometown Heroes”.


In addition, once the program has completed (November 2022), the banners will be presented to the sponsoring family/business as a wonderful keepsake memory.

The banners are made of  18 oz. Tyvek Vinyl-Weatherproof material and will be 24″ X 48″. One side will have a photo of the honoree and on the reverse side our town’s thanks.  The banners are made 100% in the USA!

The Town of Lyons will assist on the hanging and removing of all banners.  Banners will be on display prior to Memorial Day 2021 and Memorial Day 2022.  No specific dates will be set for removal; that will be left up to the town’s highway department and its schedule.  The banners will be stored over the winter months, and Lyons Main Street Program will distribute the banners to the sponsors after the program completion date in November 2022.  



How are the honorees selected?

These are some of the ways your honoree can qualify.

*  A “current” Lyons, NY resident

*  Veterans who are listed on the monument located at 27 Water Street, Lyons

*  Veterans buried in a Lyons cemetery that resided in Lyons

* Grew up in Lyons, NY, and graduated from Lyons High School

*  Lyons Gold Star Families ***

*  New enlisting – Lyons senior with proof of enlisting or deployment papers ***

*Unsure ? ***


*** Please contact Linda Guest, Lyons Town Historian and Manager of Lyons Main Street Program for additional information***



How much are the banners?

The Military Tribute Banners will cost $180.00 each.

All proceeds will go to Lyons Main Street Program to help develop the business district and to help with the historical preservation of Lyons, New York.  At Lyons Main Street Program, we strive to help our community grow.

Additional fees:

*** You have the option of requesting a specific area for your honoree’s banner to be hung for an additional $20.00***



Who can sponsor a banner?


Families, Friends, Neighbors, Business Owners!

We have a limited amount of lampposts and utility poles, so we suggest you stop in as soon as possible to sign up our honoree.  Banners will be sold on a FIRST COME basis.  We can not hold any spots.  If and when we sell out, we will make a statement on this website and our social media pages to inform the community.  A waiting list will be created if more spots open up.

Please read though our questions and answers for some of the more frequent questions we’ve already been asked.

We will continue to update this as more questions/concerns are introduced.


To Sponsor a Military Hero

What we need…


A Photo

Our first choice is a photo of your military hero in his/her uniform from chest up.  Second choice is a professional photo of your military hero.  Finally, if no photo is available, we will use a photo of the military emblem in he/she served.

Military Information

*Branch in which he/she served

*Date (years) of active duty

*Major awards

*Major war(s) fought in

* If a Lyons H.S. graduate – Year of graduation

* Special notes for us to consider

*Sponsor’s name

***Keep in mind, space is limited and we reserve the right to edit as needed***


How do I start?

Gather your information and photo(s).  Visit Lyons Main Street Program at 70 William Street in Lyons.

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am till 3:00 pm or by appointment


Don’t forget, we will accept cash or check (made out to Lyons Main Street Program) – payment is required at time of ordering.

This program is a fundraiser for Lyons Main Street Program.

 Organized by Linda Guest, Lyons Town Historian and Manager of LMSP.



Questions and Answers

Q- I own a Lyons business.  Can I sponsor a Lyons veteran?

A- We are counting on it.  This program is open to businesses, too!  If you have a Lyons veteran who qualifies, you’re welcome to sponsor them.  Or we can find you a local hero to sponsor, and your business name will be displayed in the “Proudly Honored by” section for your generous contribution in honoring our hometown heroes.


Q- I want to sponsor a hero, but I live out of state.  Can I still do this?

A-Absolutely.  We will be happy to give you 1-2 options of veterans who would qualify.  We’ll email you the information and you can choose.  Or you can help a family in the area that is unable to afford the program, but would like to see their loved one on a banner.  We will work with you to help you sponsor a hero.


Q- Do I get to keep the banner?

A- YES!  We will present the banners to the sponsors at the end of the program in Fall/Winter 2022.


Q- Can I do this online?

A- NO, I’m going to do all the work for you.  Gather all you information and stop down to Lyons Main Street Program to place your order.


Q- How many spots are available?

A- Good question.  As stated above, space is limited.  But to clarify…  We have 30 lampposts around the town park and in the business district.  I’ve also submitted an application with NYSEG to use 30-60 utility poles on several streets/roads in the downtown area.  Utility poles need to qualify, and at this time we have selected the poles we are interested in using.  If approved, we’ll be able to offer the additional 30-60 spots.