Bright Beautiful Blooms

Bright Beautiful Blooms…

is a program that the Lyons Main Street Program & Lyons Chamber of Commerce began this year.  The hopes for the program is to honor yards in Lyons, NY who have a beautiful yard or garden.  The reason for the program is to thank our community members who help make our town beautiful.  Plus to give those who want to have a reason to spruce up their yard now have the motivation to do so!

All of the beautiful homes that have been featured have received recognition on our website and in the Lyons Outlet (Lyons town paper!)  Don’t forget the sign that is honorably posted in the yard of the featured garden!  The home owners information is not made public through our organization at all


Our Newest Additions!

51 Dickerson Street

Pam’s Posies is also a stand at this residence.  All proceeds from the flowers that are picked freshly from these gardens will be donated to the Parkinson’s Foundation.



18 Jackson Street

Unfortunately I was a week late stopping to bring the sign and take pictures and within that week the buds on all the flowers were no longer sprouting.  This residence was a nominee from the community and buds or not we wanted to say “Thank you, someone noticed all your hard work!”



Old Lyons Road




32 Dickerson Street


2019 Nominees


75 Montezuma Street


79 Montezuma Street


Catherine Street




Dickerson Street



Thank you to all of our wonderful community members for your involvement, I do believe that this program has been successful!  The Lyons Main Street Program receives nominees from community members themselves.  If you have a yard that you would like to nominate please feel free! or 70 William Street, Lyons NY (office is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10 am till 5 pm).  Hopefully we can continue this program next year, or maybe even into the fall.  Either way start planning your gardens for next year.