About Us

The Lyons Main Street Program and the Lyons Chamber of Commerce, TOGETHER…

Provide a strong business support group for the Town of Lyons businesses. As a small community our two organizations, with very similar missions, can provide a strong business atmosphere. We offer support to start-up businesses, events, programs and an active growing farmer’s market. We support the other community organizations and activities that make Lyons a growing and healthy place to live and work.


Join today to support Lyons!

The office is located at 70 William St., Lyons and is staffed Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 am till 4:00 pm or                                        by appointment at 315-945-5526


Upcoming Board Meetings for 2020:
Location – TBD Due to COVID Restrictions

November 4th at William Street Tavern at 6:00 pm



Board of Directors

Paula Bartishevich- Lyons Main Street Program President
Sean Dobbins- Lyons Chamber of Commerce President
Pamela Lee- Lyons Main Street Program  Vice President/Treasurer
Thomas Herendeen – Lyons Chamber of Commerce Treasurer
Linda Andrews – Secretary
Theresa Streb
Kay Bailey
William Wigmore
George Dobbins
Linda Guest – LMSP Manager




Lyons Main Street Program
70 William Street
315-945-5526 – lyonsmainstreetprogram@gmail.com